Zero-Click iPhone Hack Attacks Are On The Rise And They’re Exposing Vulnerabilities In The Find My App

The infamous NSO zero-click iPhone hack is working as proven by a recent incident where it managed to get access to HomeKit through such a device.

It was blocked by those making use of Apple’s Lockdown Mode through security features, thanks to the phone alerting users about access. But that was not good enough as the report showed how two more NSO zero-click incidents managed to attain success by putting out vulnerabilities in the open through the Find My application.

Most attacks through devices are now relying upon tricking owners through the installation of malware by a simple link click. This is a very common practice used for sending out texts that appear from the likes of PayPal or Apple.

Some tech-savvy individuals who are conscious about their security and privacy through iPhones knew about this but the fact that there is no long-term protection against these endeavors is a major eye-opener. A lot of devices get compromised without any user doing such things.

Moreover, we’re seeing spyware firm NSO be even more notorious for making use of such attacks through iPhones. Most of them were getting utilized by the government having poor human rights so they could spy on political figures and other top personalities including activists on human rights.

Such examples mean you stop receiving iMessages without opening those up. It’s more than enough to provide remote access to the device.

So what can we do to protect our devices is a question on many people’s minds. The fact that state-sponsored attacks are on the rise is a huge red flag. And Apple unveiled its Lockdown Mode last year to bypass it.

This way, it just limits the device’s functionality to ensure zero risk for such attacks and to prevent them from gaining any success.

But this new feature is only intended for use by people who are deemed to be a risk for the government’s surveillance program. It just limits the risk attached to this feature of iPhones and blocks texts, websites, and attachments along the way.

Recently, the stats proved that there are three new NSO zero-click hacks of iPhones getting detected. So many security researchers at the Citizen Lab are putting out details of such NSO zero-click hacks of iPhones. These happened to be detected in the past year but the firm held on to details until tech giant Apple could fix its iOS and block such incidents from arising.

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