YouTube has rolled out some features meant to make the platform even more reliable for content creators

Google-owned YouTube is one of the most popular video search engine all across the world. Our expectations from this platform have never been let down by the diversity of alternatives it provides for sharing and viewing videos. For many video producers throughout the world, YouTube has evolved into their primary workstation.

Lately, the tech giant has been rolling out some features, for both Android and iOS users that has no doubt made using the platform even more worth it. However, these new upgrades are also advantageous for content creators as they could aid in their more efficient content distribution and increased audience engagement.

Starting off, the first update lets people reply to comments with a YouTube short. Now when this feature was already available for iOS users, Android ones are not able to get their hands on it. But "Creator Insider" claims that this update has now been made accessible to all users.

Next, the "customizing shorts thumbnail" function has been eagerly anticipated by iOS users. At the beginning of 2023, this update was already released to the public, but exclusively for Android users. For those who may not be aware, this function lets users upload a short video and choose a thumbnail from a frame of the video itself. To add to it, this may be useful for makers since it would allow them to publish a short quickly and save their time looking for a decent thumbnail.

Furthermore, YouTube only allows you to add 14 picture characters at a time when you publish a poll to your channel. However, the site has increased the cap to 36 photographs after learning that its consumers are not entirely satisfied with it even though the poll’s text limit will only remains 65 characters.

To say that YouTube has put a lot of work into creating a user-friendly ecosystem would be an understatement. . The fourth and final feature gives their users access to a single account and lets you take various actions on the behalf of the channel owner. The issue here appears to be that the activities are only available through YouTube Studio; however the video-sharing website has since revealed that anybody may create an activity even through the YouTube main app. For instance, when your manager or editor attempts to manage your playlist, they could simply do it through the main YouTube app, but for that, you need to adjust your settings from the "Channel Permissions" option.

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