WhatsApp Revamps Its Settings Menu And Is Working On An Exciting Video Message Feature

WhatsApp has really come a long way from where it once started.

The app is definitely way more advanced than what we saw a few years back, thanks to the company introducing a wide range of features. But there has always been one complaint from users and that entails its settings menu which many feel could be more user-friendly.

And if you happen to be a part of those who felt something was missing in that regard too then we’ve got some great news for you.

WhatsApp has finally revamped the settings menu and today, we can see it packing up a range of new options with sub-menus to control and alter different features. This means you can now find what you’re on the search for much easier.

The new search option being added enables users to jump directly to the settings of the platform or any feature users would like to tweak. And before this, it just was not possible to look through the settings of the platform.

You would be required to jump through different sub-menus to find exactly what you were in search of.

Now, it’s so much more different. You get to customize the privacy settings or even delete anything you don’t like from your device without the need to dig through that settings menu to look for relevant options.

You may make use of search options by entering the Settings menu and then jumping directly to a feature you’d like to customize. Clearly, the change is minor but with these settings on the app in place, we can see how many would welcome the change with open arms.

For now, we know that the respective change is solely for Android users and is still in beta so you’d need to wait patiently for a bigger rollout and public release.

Next up, the latest report by Wabetainfo is talking about the platform working on allowing users to send video messages both on Android and iOS devices. The news is super exciting and the thought of now messaging loved ones and friends by dropping down video messages sounds innovative and cool at the same time.

This is again being worked upon so we might be seeing it get rolled out as a part of the future update on the app. But what we know so far is how users would be allowed to record video messages that are no longer than 60 seconds in duration that their contacts can enjoy.

The difference between videos and video messages is that the latter would only be recorded and sent in real time. So this just adds a new element of timeliness and authenticity. You won’t be allowed to save these since they can only be made and sent then and there. But if you are keen on saving them, you always have the screen recording option up for grabs as the content isn’t a part of the ‘seen once’ feature.

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