WhatsApp Is Rolling Out New Updates For Users And Here’s What You Can Expect

Meta has been very keen on pushing forward with its in-stream commerce feature across its WhatsApp platform. And that’s why you can expect to see an expansion of payment options for SMBs in places like Brazil very soon.

The company mentioned through a recent blog post how so many of the app’s users wanted to make payments to brands through the WhatsApp chat. And that’s exactly what’s happening right now.

It’s a seamless and secure manner and one that we feel was highly necessary, not to mention how it’s going to be an absolute game changer for those having small businesses and looking forward to selling and purchasing through this app.

Moreover, they no longer need to go to websites and open another feature or make payments in person. So many Brazilian users are able to look for brands through their app and hence can check out offerings across a particular DM chat and beyond.

Now, giving them the option to make in-stream payments would work well in their favor too. This way, it just provides a lot more ways for brands to conduct transactions through private chats.

When it comes down to the most popular platform out there in Brazil, WhatsApp wins hands down. Today, it has nearly 147 million people use the platform in the South American nation. And if that’s not convincing enough, stats prove that 96% of the population is active on it for making connections and using it as a key utility for different things.

For a while now, Meta has been working hard to capitalize on the ordeal and provide greater functionality through this app. From Brazil and India to Indonesia too, it just presents a lot of options for the expansion of payment processes. Similarly, it is an even bigger opportunity for such communities to communicate.
Not only does it hope to facilitate different businesses in terms of making payments but it’s keen on creating fast options for fund transfers so remittance can be a possibility very soon. This would give rise to more ways to create financial transactions through messages and assist in providing reliance for various purposes.

In case you did not know, generating revenue through WhatsApp has never been easy as the app has set out millions in terms of investments for the platform since it was launched way back. See, the issue is that people only wish to use it for the sake of messaging and that just makes it so much harder to introduce things like advertising while limiting opportunities for monetization.

This may be the next step to monetization but we’ll never know until time goes on. For now, the new feature is getting launched for selective businesses in Brazil before undergoing an expansion later on.

In the same way, we’re seeing WhatsApp introduce a new native desktop for its macOS that entails a different app sidebar. This is would feature icons instead of age-old labels. It’s certainly more intuitive and would match the macOS interface.

The whole idea seems to be decluttering and tidying up the interface and it appears to have done that job well. For now, it’s up for grabs for a few beta testers as an expansion is on the cards soon.

Image: Wabetainfo

Lastly, the app is working on adding expiring groups as more tools to save space on the app. This would be a part of future updates on the platform.

As per WBI, users can select a certain date for groups to expire and the app would enable that to happen. This way, users would be encouraged to get active and benefit from more storage and organization.

The feature is under development and would be up for grabs to both iOS and Android users.

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