Twitter Users Baffled As Musk Replaces Its Classic Bird Logo With Dogecoin's Cartoon Mascot

Elon Musk purchased Twitter last year in October for a staggering $43 billion and since then, we’ve been seeing the platform make several questionable changes.

Out of those included one that arose yesterday and featured the classic bird logo being switched with Doge. The latter is the name given to the dog meme that many associated Musk with.

It’s the face of the famous Doge Bitcoin in the world of crypto but why it featured on the Twitter app yesterday is beyond bizarre as the company failed to give any form of explanation on the matter.

As you can imagine, Twitter users were awakened by the news and had plenty to say including how weird it was. But keeping in mind what type of a man Elon Musk is, we shouldn’t be too surprised at it, right?

Lame would be an understatement but the same has to do with what the tech billionaire finds funny these days because it’s not easy to relate to him and his unique frame of mind.

We did see how the Twitter chief opted to give a brief introduction by putting out one old meme featuring the change. And that was followed up quickly with a tweet featuring screenshots regarding old exchanges he indulged in regarding this endeavor.

So basically, he ended up admitting that this is something that he found to be hilarious and a little cringe for others. And as you can imagine, the internet was not happy with the matter.

To summarize, the world appeared to be making fun of Elon Musk and laughing at the billionaire instead of laughing with him. It’s very strange for him and certainly something that people didn’t click or relate to for obvious reasons.

It’s like the man may end up flushing $43 billion down his toilet seat but that might be the lamest manner of doing things. Remember, Musk turning everything into a joke is really not funny but is now raising eyebrows.

Those laughing might be a part of those that found it hilarious when Twitter’s investors vowed to sue him for turning back on the billion-dollar deal of acquiring the company.

Did we mention how the value of Dogecoin, which is the crypto used in this meme- ended up rising at the cost of investors on the app? Wow, seems like this prank might not be such an April Fool’s cringe after all and a real business deal, perhaps.

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