German Regulators Could Fine Elon Musk’s Free Speech Twitter For Failing To Remove Illegal Content

Twitter may be up for some major fines coming its way from German regulators who fail to see eye to eye with Elon Musk’s free speech concept of the app.

There’s a clear collision between the thinking processes here as the German regulator accuse Twitter of failing to remove illegal content that the popular microblogging site publishes in the name of free speech.

The news was announced today by the German Federal Office which claims it began proceedings against the app for violating a major law dubbed The Network Enforcement Act.

This law requires top tech giants in the world of social media to respond within just 24 hours and that includes getting rid of posts it deems to be illegal after getting reported by others. In the same way, it provides one week to get rid of other postings that are not as obvious as the rest.

This form of illegal content may entail plenty of elements featuring hate, threats, defamatory speech, and more under the leadership of Twitter chief Elon Musk. But the fact that he and his team of executives are failing to act responsibly and respond by cracking down on illegal content waves in the past four months says a lot.
This warrants a proper fine, they concluded as a lot of the content got reported by the Federal Office of Justice. It was similarly published where a large number of authorities pondered why the company failed to remove user complaints and other illegal things including why offensive content was not blocked by the provider during the designated periods provided for action.

But it’s interesting how no form of elaboration was provided and content entailing similar expressions and unjustified behavior against the same user continued to remain on the platform.

Twitter is being provided with the chance to provide an answer on the matter after the fine was recently added. If the tech giant is in fact breaking the law, then fines could go up to $54 million.

This type of scrutiny arises after plenty of independent researchers saw a rise in hate speech against minority community groups like the Blacks and the LGBT community on the app, ever since Musk took over during the latter part of October.

On the other hand, the EU sent out a warning about how it could be issuing some major fines worth billions against the app when or if it failed to regulate things going on the platform including disinformation threats.

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