Tim Cook Admits His Company Was Wrong About AR Technology While Explaining The Benefits Of Apple’s Mixed Reality Headsets

Apple CEO Tim Cook is not coming slow in his recent profile for GQ that was published on Monday.

The head of Apple took out the time to explain why Apple’s mixed reality headset which is all set to be unveiled in a few months would be an absolute hit with users.

In case you were not already aware, the Cupertino-based firm has been awfully silent on the matter as if it were a sin to speak about the launch and what users could soon expect from the much-anticipated product. Similarly, the CEO failed to shed light on when exactly we could expect it to be in the market, let alone confirm or deny that it even exists right now.

But he did lay down a list of pointers that detailed why people would actually be interested in it altogether. Speaking to GQ, he says that it’s based on the combination of a series of elements that entail art, creative apps, corporate surroundings, and communication.

He furthermore explained how the fact that users could link the currently existing world to things arising in the digital world meant people could better their connection with others as well as their modes of communication.

In the same way, he called out VR technology as the best tool in the business for likes to communication and this is not something new.

In 2021, Facebook’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg unveiled his own vision regarding the Metaverse and how this could give rise to better communication for its users. But despite Zuckerberg’s persuasion and Meta’s hard work on the topic, it is yet to find success with the VR business that it deems to be Reality Labs.

But the struggles of Meta aren’t dampening Apple’s extreme enthusiasm which could be felt in the way he spoke about the topic. When asked about some comments he made way back in the year 2015, where he blasted search engine giant Google for making an attempt toward VR Play, he was now acknowledging it.

According to Cook, if you’re presenting with new things that claim you weren’t right, you need to admit that and go ahead. You cannot continue to bash it down and consider yourself to be right all of the time.

The CEO feels its users have a lot to gain through the likes of its mixed reality headsets as the desire to project art into a piece of glass that would assist for both art and educational purposes is the way to go.

This happens to be a great idea regarding how the environment is better than what’s seen in the real world. And you’re literally overlaying the virtual world above it to make it even better.

But Cook did not stop there. He feels that it’s time Apple admit that it was wrong about the world of AR technology. And the reason why he was admitting his firm’s mistake is all thanks to the company’s founder, Steve Jobs. Cook looks up to the latter and remembers how he always made it a point to remind him that there’s no harm in admitting your mistakes.

We must mention how Tim Cook was the first one who felt the AR glasses would be a flop so we need to give him credit where it’s due. This was mentioned during an interview with The New York Times where Cook detailed his skepticism regarding his enterprise’s efforts.

He knew that the AR-powered glasses were very intrusive and not something that people would want to wear.

H/T: Tim Cook / Twitter

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