TikTok May Be Under The US Radar But That’s Not Stopping Apple From Spending Billions On Its Ads

With all the controversies and scrutiny surrounding the TikTok app, you’d probably imagine top US tech firms like Apple taking a step back in terms of ad spending.

But the stats are proving otherwise as the leading iPhone maker continues to be one of the biggest spenders in regard to TikTok ads. How’s that for a wake-up call to American lawmakers who alleged the short video platform was a huge threat to the country’s national security.

Meanwhile, one separate report showcased how the government in China was busy engaging in another social media campaign that was curated to make fun of American concerns regarding the platform. It went on to accuse the American Congress of xenophobia, poor education, and hypocrisy too.

For those who might not be aware, it’s been a while since TikTok whose parent company is Chinese was faced with increased scrutiny and pressure globally for alarming reasons.

One of them was linked to cybersecurity where it was claimed that ByteDance had pivotal links to the country’s government which influences how technology is run in China. Similarly, there was concern about how a lot of political interference arose in the US elections. And with the right amount of control regarding videos put out by users, government officials may make use of them for propaganda purposes.

Across the US, we’ve seen the app get banned from government officials’ devices while the FCC called on tech giants like Apple and Google to get rid of the apps from their respective App and Play stores too. Then we similarly saw a range of bans pop up in more than 50 American states.

Then during this month’s start, we saw Biden’s administration urge Congress to pass laws that would give the country’s President the full liberty to ban TikTok if they serve as a huge risk to the country’s national security. Did we mention how Australia is now the next nation in line to ban the platform from officials’ phones?

Meanwhile, the developer was penalized with a fine in the UK for breaching privacy laws so as you can see, more and more places are picking up the pace.

Coming back to our main topic, Apple was designated as one of the world’s biggest spenders on TikTok ads. The news comes to us thanks to The Financial Times. It spoke about how advertising on this app grew by nearly 11% in March and so many firms like Amazon, Apple, Pepsi, and DoorDish were among those spending the greatest amount of funds. These stats were taken from Sensor Tower, which is known for providing accurate app analytics.

But we must mention how the report did entail a greater amount of spending that could have been booked from before the entire controversy arose and also before the hearing took place at the Congress where the app’s CEO was forced to testify.

With that being said, one insider who happens to be a senior member of the advertising industry claimed that big tech firms are not ready to pull the plug on the app’s ads. And it could be a while before we say that actually takes place.

For now, the situation is not too alarming and there is no sort of panic in the air. But that does not mean they aren’t waiting and watching things in silence. If and when the ban is put out by the government, they’ll need to put another plan in place, and that too, within a short span of time to prevent getting affected.

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