Elon Musk Clears The Air About Twitter’s Controversial ‘Half Ads’ Policy For Paying Blue Subscribers

We’ve been seeing Twitter market its Blue Subscription as the next best thing on the app, not to mention how it entails a range of exclusive features for paying users.

Out of those, one of the most interesting and sought-after was the ability to see fewer ads than before. After all, what could be better than that, right?

But we may have spoken too soon as the half-ads policy is not quite what you may have thought. And that’s shocking because when tech billionaire and Twitter chief Elon Musk bought the company last year in October, he made it clear that this is what paying users could benefit from- half the ads being shown on the app.

Now, the app is trying to clear the air about what it really meant by shedding light on the details of the feature linked to ad removal.

As mentioned in a recently published report by TechCrunch, Twitter adding a few interesting pointers to its Twitter Blue that entails the Help Tab. This is where it’s boldly delineated how paying subscribers won’t be really getting half the number of ads as the usual user.

There was an entire post outlined that stated how it only affects two aspects of your feed, ‘For You’ and ‘Following’. So basically, the user isn’t actually witnessing 50% of ads on the app, but only in those specific places.

This is equal to paying for just a single subscription on the website and it provides users with experiences that are ad-free. But they’ll only get rid of ads from a particular homepage. The app is not bound to provide half too, as it detailed how it wants to display ‘approximately’ 50% fewer ads than before.

Did we mention how such ads across the timeline and not intrusive? As it is, the app’s users get to witness all of those on timelines as you get to see content that’s algorithmically recommended that you may not have even asked for in the first place. When you come to think of it, users just scroll until they see something they like.

As per Twitter, users that pay for the subscription would get the same type of experience for ads as those that aren’t paying a penny, in terms of ads displayed across profiles and in Tweet replies and for the sake of events marketed through its Explore tab. Similarly, if there are trends that are being promoted or accounts that users follow, you’ll see that pop up too.

Some ads that users cannot run away from include these because they’re strategically put in locations that are interspersed among members giving out replies for tweet mentions. And yes, they’re as annoying as things can get.

If that was not something daunting to worry about, Elon Musk mentioned how a costlier ad-free version of its Twitter Blue was in the making. This is not too shocking as he spoke about it last year and how those who pay wouldn’t be affected by it. But no other details regarding the endeavor were mentioned.

In terms of getting more and more people on board to pay for Twitter Blue, the app has been struggling for quite some time now. To even get the $8 tier of Twitter Blue seems to be a task for Musk and his executives.

As per estimates, Twitter only managed to enable 500,000 subscribers to pay in the past four months. And that’s not even close to their target, considering the great number of monthly active users on the popular microblogging website.

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