TikTok Experiments With New Affiliate Marketing Program For US Creators Amid Plans For Shopping Expansion

TikTok has entered the initial stages of an experiment that is designed to allow for greater expansion of shopping across the US market.

The company hopes to roll out a new affiliate marketing project that is intended for American content creators on its app through its Shop product.

This would pave the way for various creators to earn commissions that allow for product promotions via videos, profiles, and even live-streaming sessions. Moreover, the rates would be allocated by the respective sellers and one of them would be offering up to 20% commission in terms of sales conducted through the app.

Some reports have gone as far as mentioning how the platform has started to pay American creators with a commission for product promotion via the Shop feature, as confirmed by the Insider.

Creators on the app can publish videos or even embark on live streams that entail products on sale including shopping caps, neck massagers, heating pages, and more. In return, they can request a commission for all of the sales that they’re driving.

For those who may not be aware, content creators are using features like affiliate marketing as their main revenue drivers through which influencers may benefit. And commission rates vary between 1% to 20%.

In one particular video on the app, we saw a content creator named Max Milton showcase his $29 notebook from a specific brand that happened to be on the app’s list that was eligible for commission. It’s very much like the paid partnership label seen toward the end of promotional videos.

Furthermore, creators would be given the chance to link goods in another showcase tab through TikTok accounts. Followers of the creator may click on a separately sold product like LED light strips and they can make purchases through TikTok Shop as the interface.

In the same way, we’re seeing so many influencers carry out trials with the app’s affiliation program and other leading tools for shipping. One particular example featured creators having nearly 9 million followers getting involved in eligible brands like Revolve last month to market the whole in-app shopping experience featuring a long list of cost-effective outfits.

This entails a list of products that were up for grabs, not to mention many labels and links to other similar endeavors.

But this is not all entirely new. We’ve seen the TikTok app busy with such projects for a while now. It’s been busy testing it out since the start of November and during the early phase period, it hopes to invite more and more creators and brands to get on board and turn it into a success so the entire community may attain benefits.

We’re seeing this decision come forward when the app races against time to copy or take inspiration from its fellow sister in China, Douyin who is under the same parent firm ByteDance.

For quite some time now, we’re seeing the world of social commerce turn into a leading revenue source for Douyin where it serves as a high priority for ByteDance due to its massive revenue generation potential.

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