The Popular AI Bing Search Is Coming To Swiftkey’s Keyboard For Android

The world of generative AI is making heads turn, not to mention how popular it has become in such a short span of time.

And just when you thought the power of ChatGPT could be unmatched, Microsoft launched its new AI Bing search that has really taken off with a bang. Today, it’s just so popular and is included in the SwiftKey keyboard of Android.

It is getting available in beta for now, but it doesn’t seem to be too long of a wait before we can see it taking center stage with a mass release.

The technology powered by GPT-4 is going to be included on Android keyboards, thanks to Swiftkey who is providing support for the launch. As mentioned by Microsoft, it’s getting rolled out at a slower pace, starting today.

Simply install the SwiftKey beta from Google’s Play Store but remember, it’s only up for grabs for Android users. There is yet to be an update for iOS users but do stay tuned for it.

Getting access to the Bing AI in the keyboard of SwiftKey is simply done using the Bing button that pops up on the left portion of the keyboard’s top row. This takes two different kinds of forms, and it begins with the Tone option. Using this, users can draft messages in SwiftKey.

After that, it could allow the AI tool to rewrite texts in several different ways including Polite, Casual, Social Post, and Professional. Moreover, most of the formats are designed to align with a standard message length. But the actual social post button would try and produce several other hashtags.

On the other hand, the classic generative AI that most of us are accustomed to knowing both Bing and ChatGPT are less native. So when you press on the Bing tab, you’ll notice a button that says Chat popping up across Bing over the entire display. As expected, this is much quicker than simply opening full browsers but as expected, this functionality is quite limited.

The only thing that can be done with such a response across Bing is by replicating it to the user’s clipboard by pressing the copy button. While it certainly does work out well, it’s a little hard to understand what function it serves.

The responses coming out from Bing are usually long but you’ll find some areas that are quite useful.

H/T: @XenoPanther

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