Success For Google As The Company’s New Web Spam Report Says 99% Of Visits In Its Search Were Spam-Free

There can be nothing worse than dealing with spam and misinformation on a website, and that’s especially true if you happen to be the world’s leading search engine.

Google has put out some exciting news about how the company is now able to detect spam at a faster rate than anyone could have ever imagined.

Today, the search engine giant says 99% of visits on the Google Search platform were actually free of spam and it just goes to show how the company is achieving success on this front with each passing year.

The news comes to us thanks to the firm’s own web spam report who proved how SpamBrain really did manage to do wonders for the Android maker. It was able to catch spam at least five times greater than what was witnessed in 2021. And this was nearly 200 times bigger than that compared to the figure first seen in 2018. This was as per Google’s newly launched webspam report for the year 2022.

The end result was saying hello to 99% of visits on Google Search without any spam as confirmed by Google today.

There have been a lot of improvements in the world of Spam detection and Google says it’s a constant challenge to face on a daily basis. But thanks to the advancements made to the SpamBrain, it was able to better tackle things like abusive links, hacked spam issues, and many more.

This came with the rollout of the spam update link in December of 2022. This happened to be an update to the feature that would mean better detection and neutralization of spam-filled links.

Google claims such features allowed them to detect things 50 times more efficiently when compared to the update from July 2021. Similarly, Google spoke about how its hacked spam saw a massive 10-time improvement in both detection as well as deletion.

Today, Google takes immense pride in spam detection being done at a faster rate. Similarly, SpamBrain can now detect the endeavor during the whole process of crawling, instead of the usual indexing and processing of the page that it ends up crawling.

But why is this important? Should we really be caring? The answer is a definite yes. Decreased rates of spam in the whole Google Search means greater quality website ranking and definitely a more leveled playing ground for things like SEOs, content creators, and site owners too. No, it’s far from perfect but Google is definitely putting in a lot of effort that cannot go unnoticed.

The fact that the leading search engine giant keeps on finding ways to enhance the whole process of spam detection and removal with advanced techniques shows how much it really cares.

The figures documented today in the new web spam report really do showcase just that. And there is definitely a reason why the company should be celebrating its success on this front.

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