Striking New Research Says 82% Of Hiring Managers Failed At Identifying ChatGPT-Produced Cover Letters

One of the crucial documents that you need, other than your CV of course is a good cover letter to land a great job.

But what if we told you that AI support is making the lives of employees so much easier while adding difficulties to that of hiring managers?

The news comes to us thanks to new and striking research with alarming findings. This survey proves how 82% of hiring managers cannot identify cover letters produced by ChatGPT. Yes, that’s how great the AI-powered tool is at copying human tone.

And while that may sound great from an employee’s perspective, we can’t say the same about employers who claim to be really struggling in this regard. After all, how can you find the best talent in the market when you’re left with poor judgment-making processes?

But who is to blame right? Technology in the form of AI is replacing humans in many sectors and this just might be one of them.

The launch of the tool goes back to November 2022 and since then, the makers behind the ordeal, OpenAI have really come a long way from where it first began. It has really disrupted a lot of areas of people’s professional life and now, it seems like hiring is bound to be affected too.

Experts are seemingly broken and the thought of making use of AI technology to produce an application that misrepresents yourself is just alarming. How’s that for some great misrepresentation right? Maybe it’s the cheapest option and the most effective part for candidates but again, we see a loophole in terms of where this is going.

Last month, ResumeBuilder opted to include 1000 hiring managers that are known to review the application materials of several candidates that arrived at their workplace. They wished to figure out their thoughts regarding potential employees with the help of AI-powered ChatGPT. And the results are in.

60% witnessed a rise in the quality of candidate applications ever since the launch of ChatGPT arose. Meanwhile, a shocking 80% admitted to using the AI tool themselves when involved in the hiring process. But out of those, just 18% could identify with success which cover letters were produced by ChatGPT and which were not.

Still, 1 in 4 people claims that making use of the tool is a form of cheating.

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