Smartphone Takes Over: Consumer Screen Time Hits Record High

Smartphone apps persist to dominate the digital space as consumers spend more time using them in the current year's quarter than they did a year ago. A recent analysis by DataAI highlights that they have been spending 5 and half hours on these apps lately.

In the face of a shaky economic crisis, consumers are looking for deals to save money. This has led to an increase in demand for budget-friendly platforms, resale platforms, and fast-fashion and affordable goods.

Some of the apps to gain fame in Australia & US includes Fly Bonza & Hopper. Also, apps with affordable deals & prices are the hottest trend right now.

The study also highlights that users are prioritizing joy even though their wallets are lighter, with TikTok leading the way for breakout consumer spend in the current year's first quarter. Also in several other countries, this platform was the top-rated one.

Other areas of growth include lingo learning, video streaming, comics and anime, and fitness aims. Calorie-counting platforms were rated highly in Germany, the UK, and the US as people soughtto achieve their new year’s fitness ambitions with guidance and accountability through premium subscriptions.

Besides joy, several games also dominated in multiple areas of the globe. Apps such as street fighter & block blast were the most widespread ones around the globe, making them installed & played several times.

However, besides all of these, experts also warn that excessive usage of smart devices can have adverse impacts on mental well-being. They recommend setting boundaries and taking breaks from screens to maintain a healthy balance.

Overall, the investigation provides valuable insights into the habits and preferences of cell phone consumers. With people spending an average of 5 and half Hours/Day on their devices, it's clear that mobile technology will continue to play a significant role in our daily lives.
A recent analysis by DataAI highlights that consumers have been spending 5 and half hours on mobile apps lately.
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