Senior citizens have been proven to have trouble distinguishing between human speech and AI voice, research

We all are aware that artificial intelligence (AI) has evolved so much in previous years. For us as humans, they have proven quite beneficial in many ways. Some our household duties can be completed by AI automations, which simplifies our life. Several models are there in front of us making sure that we live a productive life. There are numerous positive effects if we consider how technology has changed the world, like the replacement of surgeons and self-driving vehicles, among other things. However, the effect could also be detrimental.

According to Baycrest Hospital of Toronto, they held a research to determine the drawbacks of artificial intelligence, with the major one being AI speech, as the study’s main finding.

Björn Herrmann, the study's author, stated that several observations were made in the research when groups of people were separated into two age ranges: those between 30 and 60 and those above 60. Then, a total of 10 human and 10 artificial intelligence (AI) audios were played. The groups were tasked with differentiating the voices. Surprisingly, it was shown that younger individuals did not have as much difficulty distinguishing between these sounds as older individuals did.

However, you must be wondering, why is that, though? The study author, Herrmann, revealed all of it in a media release. Adults' inability to distinguish between the two was primarily caused by the fact that older individuals have a tendency to concentrate more on the words in a sentence than on the rhythm or the way of speaking.

While it may be seen as a straightforward warning of any scams or frauds we should be wary of, we could take it in a positive way too. These Artificial Intelligence talks might be employed as solace for adults with various brain diseases; it could assist them and provide them company while they are stressed out because they could rarely gauge these sounds.

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