Reddit Experiments With A New Discord-Like Chat Channel With Select Subreddits

Reddit is carrying out tests for a new Discord-like chat channel with a range of select subreddits.

The company announced the decision on Thursday and revealed how it was on the mission to gain more avenues for members of the community so they could engage with one another, apart from the same old asynchronous system for generating comments.

The company wants to start this new test with nearly 25 volunteer subreddits but it did unveil which ones it hoped to use. It similarly specified those communities who were participating would entail a little less than 100,000 members.

Reddit also unveiled how the channels would be functioning persistently on the navigation bar set out for the community so members would be able to pay a visit more frequently.

The firm also unveiled how it was learning more through various chat products launched in the past such as its community chat rooms endeavor. This was discontinued in the year 2020.

To be more specific, it hoped to provide more control to its moderators on this front. Moreover, there are plenty of plans in place to have dedicated channels that moderators can utilize to better manage users’ subreddits.

People would be able to better decide if they wished to have such features enabled for the community or not.

In addition to that, Reddit wants to be able to provide moderators with an array of tools such as the ability to select which people would be allowed to participate in chats, moderate reported texts, and take part in chat queues too.

In this particular subreddit, the company also mentioned how it has plans to add more features for various channels such as threatening, user mentions, and pinned messages. This alongside push notifications and message edits for senders would be a great thing for the future, it feels.

They will similarly be accepting applications for the moderator position for subreddits that they wish to experiment with in the community.

Most users were pushing back on posts that make announcements of such channels, but now, moderators feel this would launch a great experiment that provides ways for the community to talk with one another.

Reddit mentioned how it adores its tress of posts and the various communities that work on the app and are text-based. They have what people need and give more options to different community members so they can interact in various ways.

For those who may not be aware, communities on Reddit work through external real-time chat servers such as Telegram or Discord where they conduct chats between various members. Therefore, adding such channels would incentivize the community to stay on such platforms.

This platform has really put out a number of ways for liver chats to take place such as the previously famous Clubhouse copy that was called Reddit Talk. Similarly, we had Live Chat posts seen in a community.

And remember, Reddit venturing into this field is not something shocking as it’s not the first firm putting out ways to host chats as WhatsApp did the same with its group chat offering.

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