Google Bans More Than 173,000 Developer Accounts And 1.4 Million Play Store Apps To Combat Malicious Fraud

Leading search engine giant Google is coming clean about a range of steps it has been forced to take recently to combat fraud.

The Android maker says it has banned nearly 173,000 accounts that belong to developers. In the same way, it spoke about barring 1.4 million applications on the Play Store too. It hopes such measures would help the company in its fight against fraudulent rings in the span of a year.

The tech giant revealed how advanced machine learning assists its current app review mechanism, which prevents a staggering 1.43 million apps from functioning as they violate its privacy policy.

This figure quote was for the year 2022 and Google says that it is not stopping yet as the race is still on to battle against so many frauds and malicious accounts who conduct abusive transactions. The company mentioned these statements recently as a part of its review of the results it obtained last year.

The firm was seen showing off other striking measures it took including stopping 500,000 applications from gaining unneeded access in the last couple of years. This comes as the research team at Cybernews found multiple Android apps asking for alarming permissions that arose in the past.

The tech giant says it also includes a range of new requirements that all developers must abide by. They would be needed to publish work across the Play Store. Hence, to put out such software, developers would be required to undergo identity verification using their device and email.

The firm feels such measures limited the number of applications that violated all of the policies of Google.

As the Android ecosystem expands, Google knows how important it is to work with the entire developer community more closely to ensure they’ve got the right tools in place. This includes support and knowledge to create trustworthy and secure applications.

These would respect the absolute data security and privacy community as a whole, they added.

Google also shed some light on the launch of its software development kit for Google Play that would assist developers in checking if SDK is reliable and safe for use in creating the app or not.

Clearly, such news is being welcomed with open arms and really does show how much the tech giant cares.

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