Google Ads Gears Up For Changes To Its Dangerous Products And Services Policy To Limit Consumer Harm

Google Ads says it’s outlining July 2023 as the date for a change in its policy linked to dangerous products and services. This will entail ads for certain things posing a huge risk of death or extreme harm to the human body.

The company hopes to really focus on those goods and services that have been recalled in the past for posing an imminent danger. Meanwhile, such a policy update would begin starting July 3 of this year, it confirmed.

Any account that appears to be in violation of such a policy would not face any form of extreme suspension without it adding a warning beforehand. Instead, they hope to issue a warning at least a week prior, before the actual suspension of the account occurs.

Therefore, all advertisers are provided with recommendations on what they can do in regard to this policy update. And that is to make sure their particular ads don’t fall into this domain of the policy outlined.

If that happens to be the case, they’ll be required to remove certain ads that are questionable before the designated deadline of July 3, 2023, is reached. Therefore, it’s advised to go through the policy and remove any ads to protect their reputation and that of the brand in question.

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