Meta’s Top Executives Including CEO Mark Zuckerberg Are Spending A Lot Of Time Working On AI

The top executives at Meta are busy working on artificial intelligence and that includes CEO Mark Zuckerberg.

Other than that, we’ve got CPO Chris Cox and the firm’s CTO Andrew Bosworth on the same bandwagon as the rest of the leaders. The news was confirmed when Bosworth admitted the claims during his recent interview on Wednesday that was held with Nikkei Asia.

In the same way, we saw Bosworth shed light on how some of the work would end up benefiting the metaverse, which is the much hyped-up digital world that Meta has been promoting for so long now.

This is proof of how important of a project Meta thinks AI to be, especially after the roaring success of ChatGPT and Microsoft’s Bing technology. And with Google entering the race too with its own Bard chatbot, it only makes sense that Meta stepped up to the plate with its own inventions and start investing big time.

The owner of Facebook and Instagram mentioned a product group in February of this year where it claimed the focus would be just generative AI. The new set of tools including machine learning would enable computers to produce text, make graphics, and generate other forms of media that are very similar to human output.

We do need to remember how Meta does have its own AI-powered language model called LLaMa that it mentioned in February would be launched to the researchers.

In case you did not know, its LLaMA is similar to other competing models in the AI world and can produce replies to queries and even provide summaries of documents along the way.

Other than that, huge language models would be used to power apps such as ChatGPT, Bing, and Barda as well.

Bosworth has been responsible for overlooking the progress of Meta’s Reality Labs for a while now. It’s home to metaverse technologies as well as other endeavors that belong to Meta.

Just last year, we saw him putting out a massive figure describing the great loss Meta endured in its Reality Labs. This came out to be $13.72 billion. And it’s alarming because as per statistics, digital advertising makes up the majority of the company’s revenue. Thankfully, they did see a $116 billion revenue generation in the past year.

So we are expecting the firm to unveil some more commercial apps using AI in 2023 as confirmed by Bosworth. Hence, that would be exciting.

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