Google Hopes To Make Play Store Users’ Lives Easier With Simpler Ways To Delete Accounts

Search engine giant Google is always on the hunt to make the lives of its users simpler by introducing changes, time after time.

And today, we’re hearing more about how the company is on a mission to make account deletion an easier task than it presents right now on the Google Play Store.

While making accounts is really simple, getting rid of them is not. And you’ll often see users complaining about this to the company that is yet to do something about it. But it now seems that things are changing, hopefully for the better.

There is a constant urge to turn the Android platform into one that is just so user-friendly. And we have to admit, it’s been doing a great job with its products so why not make the Play Store a similar format?

In the next few months, we could be seeing more and more platforms at the Play Store jump on the bandwagon and make account deletion a simple task. So if the app wants the user to make an account and provides just a few steps to do it, getting rid of it should be as easy online.

The company says it does understand how this is a huge change for some platforms and they would respectfully need more time to implement them on their apps. But this is the first step as some developers are not being requested to put out answers regarding data deletion on their app’s safety form. The last date for submission is the end of this year.

Once that is done and dusted with, we could soon be seeing changes on the app’s store listings. And developers that need an extension would be allowed to apply by May of next year.

Developers are being requested to add links to places where they feel users can click and delete their accounts on the app. And this might seem like something small but it is very essential without the need to download the app and also serves to be so convenient with time too.

Similarly, they are requested to get rid of all the data linked to user accounts whenever they get requests for account deletion. As you know, some information is needed for things like detecting fraud and it can be kept, once the developer notifies the user.

Other than that, the company says that activity like temporary deactivation or account disabling doesn’t give rise to deletion and isn’t in compliance with these new guidelines. Now such changes would be healthy and would mean data needs to be deleted.

If not, the developer would have action taken against its respective account on Google. And in case of a breach, it would lose control of fewer amounts of data.

The leading Android maker hopes to see the change arise in the next year as it provides developers so much time to put in policies that would be in compliance with users. The tentative date is May 2023.

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