Instagram users will soon be able to hide their followers’ lists

Social media platform Instagram is known for connecting people with their friends and family as it provides a space where people can share their life achievements or experiences in the form of posts or stories. With the expanding popularity of the application, providing privacy to the community has also become an important task for the developers.

According to the latest tweet posted by Ahmed Ghanem, marketer and social media expert, Instagram is working on a new privacy feature that will allow users to hide their followers list. By enabling the feature, users will be able to control the visibility of their followers’ lists. As a result, it can make it difficult for strangers to find and target users from one’s follower list.

Since not everyone would want to hide their followers list, the feature will be kept optional. Once turned on, the feature can also be turned off at any time. For those who have a private account, they can already control who wants to follow them; the new feature will be relevant for those with public profiles that can be followed by anyone.

It won’t be the first time that Instagram will be adding privacy features; previously, the platform introduced a number of options, such as allowing users to mute or block people they don’t want to hear from. Users were also allowed to turn off comments on their posts. Similarly, features to prevent young users from receiving messages from strangers or adults were also introduced as an attempt to provide a safe environment to the audience.

The platform does not intend to harm anyone’s business or reputation, as a number of public profiles of influencers or celebrities rely mostly on the follower count; in fact, the main idea behind the upcoming feature is to let users have more control over their privacy.

So far, no official date has been shared by the officials that could tell when the feature will be available globally; however, it can be expected that the platform will keep working on new features that will provide more privacy to the users.

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