Instagram Is Working On Putting Polls In The Comments Section

Polls on Instagram are not something new but the app has seen how many people enjoy the feature ever since its launch.

You’ll find creators including polls into their stories so audience members can engage and put out opinions that might be popular for some while unpopular for others. Regular users are also keen on adding polls when they feel they’re not too sure about something.

With polls, it is just a great twist of fun and humor, not to mention unpredictability. After all, you never know what the majority might vote on for a certain topic in question.

Now, thanks to social media app researcher and mobile developer Alessandro Paluzzi, we’re hearing about how the app could be on the verge of introducing a new feature related to polls. This includes adding polls to the comments section.

It’s never been done in the past and this seems like something creative and new. The news was posted by the reverse engineering expert who claims we should be seeing a rollout in the next few weeks.

The news is very fresh but people’s comments are mixed about the rollout. Some feel it was a long time coming while others are talking about how it might only be helpful for creators and not anyone else. What do you think?

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