Imgur Introduces New Changes To Its Terms Of Service Including Ban On Explicit Pictures And Removal Of Uploads Not Linked To Users

Imgur is making an array of changes to its Terms of Service, the company announced today.

The decision has been taken in the best interest of users but we could be seeing years of history of the internet be deleted along the way.

For decades, the company has really worked hard in terms of making the whole process of sharing pictures and GIFs on the web as simple as can be. All you need to do is upload files and users don’t even need to have an account to make use of it.

But things are taking a whole different turn now as the website sets out a new change to the Terms of Service that may eradicate years of history of the web, starting in the middle of next month.

Imgur says its teams are now on a mission to get rid of age-old content that is not only inactive but not being used. They will make sure all content not linked to account holders directly is trashed so that means we’re bidding farewell to plenty of pictures put on random websites on the internet that may disappear overnight.

Additionally, this service would be deleting any explicitly themed content along the way too. So no more nudity, porn, or sexually themed material is going to be up for grabs through the platform. The latter holds true for content linked to account holders too. So if you happen to have an active account and still uploaded a file of this kind, then rest assured it would be removed.

For years, the company has been people’s go-to service for setting out explicit content that is needed for sharing through subreddits of the NSFW category. The app itself is known for prohibiting directly uploaded files that contain content of this sort.

Then in 2019, we saw the popular image-sharing webpage put an end to publishing NSFW Imagur subsections linked to subreddits on the app. But it failed to get rid of such pictures and people were given permission to put up porn content. The only rule was to hide the status of privacy

As one can imagine, it really did manage to cause a whole lot of misunderstanding and fury on what was allowed on the platform and what was not. But that will not be the case this year.

By putting a complete ban on explicit content, the popular hosting service may better attend to risks that they pose to the firm and provide more safeguards for their future too.

Imgur plans to carry out these changes by making use of automated detection with human moderators so users could find content under such new rules. Therefore, it won’t issue any warnings on this front or raise suspensions for the great number of flags generated through an automated system. However, it does hope to add more warnings to users trying to violate its terms of service that are getting updated as we speak.

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