Google Shares New Performance Milestones For Its Chrome Browser Including 10% Speed Increase In Three Months

Google is celebrating some successful performance milestones for its Chrome browser including enhanced speed in just three months of making slight tweaks.

The tech giant cited some work that was performed under the hood. And this is where the firm claims that its Chrome Desktop across the macOS got faster by 10%. This was in Apple’s Speedometer 2.1 browser benchmark over a span of just three months.

This happens to be in addition to shared performance benchmarks seen for Chrome and Android and now, it’s 30% faster.

As far as the desktop side of things is concerned, we are seeing the company making several changes to the score of its Speedometer of 390 across the 113 Chrome versions. This happens to be the first of improved HTML parsing that is deemed to be a fast path for the innertHTML while updating the DOM aspect of the Javascript website.

This also happens to be a part of the WebKit that benefits all of the tech giant Apple’s browsers too.

Meanwhile, other notable features worth a mention include it getting optimized and targeting improvements across the CSS InterpolarableColor. Google is similarly finding more ways to optimize features like pointers that continue to be compressed and even decompressed so they perform better.

While we are not getting into the nitty gritty side of things because that would just be too technical, know that you can always read more through Google’s own blog.

Google showcased how scores managed to increase in a steady manner in the past three months. Some of the scores were really low like 339 on the 109 Chrome version.

For smartphones, Google hopes to target more Android devices that arise in the high-end category. It wants to do this with a new version of Chrome that makes use of compiler flags that are designed for speed optimization.

In the past, we saw such flags getting destroyed thanks to the binary size and the changes resulted in the Chrome browser running 30% faster.

In case you have not guessed by now, Google really does not take these things lightly. It’s always on the mission to enhance both performances as well as efficiency of the Chrome browser.

A great example is one taken from February of this year. This is when the Google Chrome browser makes some amendments so as to assist with improving the battery life of the MacBook.

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