Google Gears Up To Introduce Conversational AI Into Its Search Engine

The world’s leading search engine is gearing up to allocate some innovative AI features to its search.

The news was confirmed today by the Wall Street Journal where Google’s CEO Sundar Pichai mentioned how important it was to make advances in this field. He similarly noted how conversational AI does have great potential for supercharging its search engine.

When asked during his recent interview if individuals would be able to inquire and provide engagement with LLMs in relation to search, the tech giant’s head firmly said yes. He even referenced the great number of language models that run these AI chatbots.

In the past, we saw the search engine giant hint at some major plans to combine AI into the search world after it introduced the Bard chatbot, a tool that is designated to be more similar in design to ChatGPT by OpenAI.

But let’s not forget how Bard is kept away from Google Search as it entails its own webpage and a completely separate waitlist to attain access.

Google Daily brings out piles of information with plenty of links, after all, it’s the world’s number one search engine. This is a response to the huge number of queries that pop up on a daily basis. Moreover, you’ll see bringing forward AI chat to its search and that is what makes technology available to a huge number of people.

This is taken from a huge realm of experimental ideas and classic tools that users can utilize to find what they’re searching for.

For now, Google is yet to give out responses to queries on this front and when exactly we can expect conversational AI to be seen in its Search.

In February of this year, we saw the tech giant introduce Bard as a part of the company making its way in the race of generative AI. There are plenty of products and services popping up as we speak in this domain and who can forget the roaring success of ChatGPT that arose this past year.

OpenAI’s breakthrough tool grabbed a hold of imaginations and managed to give out replies that were very similar to human interaction when it was bombarded with queries from users. Similarly, it was asked to set out poems and outline designs for the software. Clearly, the range of functions is plenty. And then by January of this year, we saw ChatGPT reach out to nearly 100 million users who were active, and that is what made it one of the quickest platforms on the web to achieve so much growth in such a short span of time.
This is what paved the way for more and more firms to introduce a wide range of AI goods. And Microsoft’s Bing search was no exception. The latter is a huge success and when compared to Google’s Bard, there is no competition. It’s an innovative tool that gives the classic mode of search a new twist. And with the combination of AI, it’s now giving more and more people detailed replies with the right type of information to support it.

Speaking to WSJ, Google’s CEO also hinted at how the company was busy experimenting with a number of search products that are powered by AI technology. This includes those that would enable people to request follow-ups to the initial question put forward.

Let’s not forget how the Android maker has similarly introduced AI offerings into a number of its tools across the Google Workspace and that includes the popular Gmail and Docs.

Photo: Helynn Ospina / WSJ

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