Google CEO Merges DeepMind With The Firm’s Brain Team To Form Google DeepMind And Accelerate AI Progress

Google is hinting at the company’s desire to further accelerate progress in the world of AI.

The CEO of Alphabet and Google has opted to merge the firm’s top AI company called DeepMind with its Brain team to create a new endeavor called Google DeepMind.

The news was shared recently through a new post by Sundar Pichai where he mentioned how both of these groups would really boost progress in the world of AI.

The CEO of DeepMind will now also be the CEO of Google DeepMind where Pichai hopes to play a role in leading the development of the company’s most trusted and capable artificial intelligence systems.

On the other hand, the previous VP for Google Research and Health, Jeff Dean is now going to take on the role of chief scientist.

The new collaboration would entail some big names across Google’s Product Areas and would really be able to provide the best in terms of AI research and goods. Google hopes to further enhance the lives of so many people around the globe while altering industries, making advancements in the field of science, and also better-serving communities called out as diverse.

The news was delivered to employees of the new company through a recently published internal memo where the heads feel this is the best way to attain the future at a faster pace. They really do wish to get AI that is capable and general, safe, and responsible. And any demands to resolve a great many challenges from the world of science and engineering would be achieved.

It’s all very interesting to see this kind of collaboration take place as Google and DeepMind did come into conflict in the recent past. DeepMind has been trying long and hard to attain independence from the search engine giant because the latter continued to push the firm toward work that was more commercialized.

But with the Android maker really diving down deep into the world of AI now, it seemingly wishes to make its research teams join hands and boost up efforts in this regard.

We saw in March of this year how Google opened up access to not only its ChatGPT but also to its AI chatbot called Bard. Clearly, things did not go as planned and Bard failed to make the impressions on people’s minds that Google had hoped for since day one.

This is despite the fact that the leading CEO of Google vowed to make it better and introduce better upgrades for users in the near future. But today, even the firm’s own employees are criticizing the product a few moments ahead of the mega launch. It has similarly urged the leadership to take notice before it’s too late and release this endeavor.

We’re not quite sure if this is Google’s way of building back its reputation as a leader in the world of AI after a very unsuccessful launch of Bard or not. But one thing is for sure, the idea does sound like a smart one.

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