Federal US Agencies Issue Warning Claiming Full Power And Plans To Tackle Harms Linked To AI Bias

American regulators are issuing a warning claiming full capability and authority to go after the harms caused by AI bias.

A total of four different US regulatory agencies sent out the warning on Tuesday. This boldly delineated how they had complete power to go after the harms that arose due to AI bias and now, they have complete plans in store to make use of them.

The stark warning comes at a time when the US Congress is trying to handle the situation linked to the growing trend of AI technology and how it can best keep American citizens protected at all times. There is a clear urgency at this moment to tackle the situation as more and more advanced tools arise in the market and they’re getting access to plenty of consumers.

This entails OpenAI’s chatbot called ChatGPT. Meanwhile, during the start of the month, we saw the Senate Majority’s leader shed light on how he was busy working on taking action against those on the lookout for causing harm while protecting others from the risks that AI brings with it.

There is a major urgency as the tech world continues to be faced with all sorts of threats and so proper legislation for AI needs to be in place that shows how it’s a top priority of Congress. But despite reports of lawmakers making way for a list of targeted rules linked to this type of technology, so many regulators have stated how they are in search of tools that force companies to abuse or misuse AI power in a number of different ways.

A joint announcement was put out by the Department of Justice and the FTC regarding the matter. Here is when regulators put out a list of ways that would enable them to carry out extreme action against such firms that make use of AI.

For instance, they’re interested in redlining and even housing discrimination that arises due to some sort of bias in terms of lending algorithms. The CFPB even has a few plans to set out rules that make sure AI valuation tools and respective models linked to the world of real estate have the necessary safeguards in place against the likes of discrimination.

The regulators are very keen on mentioning how there can be no exemption made regarding the nation’s laws pertaining to civil rights that results in some illegal discrimination. Every agency has the right authorities to combat AI-driven harm. Hence, firms need to be on alert about all the systems that can cause fraud or lead to unlawful types of bias that violate the FTC Law. After all, there is no exception to such laws inside books.

As it is, the FTC has made it very clear with time how it wishes to hold firms accountable for all of their behavior regarding the world of AI technology. They similarly want to prevent deceptive marketing as they feel they’ve got the expertise of doing so.

H/T: CNBC. Illustration: Rawpixel/freepik

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