Apple CEO Tim Cook Doesn’t Want To See Children Glued To His Products As He Urges Parents To Control Screen Time

Apple CEO Tim Cook may be leading one of the world’s biggest tech firms but he is making one point very clear.

Cook mentioned today how pivotal it is for parents to keep a check on their kids’ screen time. Moreover, he revealed how the time has come to ensure they’re not glued to their screens because they were born as digital humans, in a period where digital technology is flourishing.

The Cupertino firm’s head stated the following through an incredibly long profile that was published recently in the latest version of the GQ magazine on Monday. Furthermore, he has requested parents to set tough rails regarding the matter before it gets out of hand.

The news is awfully interesting because Cook does not have any children of his own. But in the past, he did make it quite clear that he didn’t wish to witness his own nephew making use of social media. And if that was not enough, he sent out a warning with a reminder to schools that making use of technology at educational institutions needs to be done at a set limit.

During his interview, the leading iPhone-making firm’s CEO gave out suggestions about how his enterprise isn’t making heads turn by harnessing the likes of digital addiction. It has zero interest in seeing people use its products all of the time. And for that, they’ve not incentivized. Instead, they’re keen on providing the best tools so individuals don’t embark in that direction.

Cook mentioned how Apple today is keen on making goods that give people power, allow them to learn, and create products that they felt they could not.

Overall, it’s a unique skepticism related to the world of technology whose stronghold goes above and beyond the effects on just children.

In 2019, he even gave out a speech at Standford which happens to be the place where some of the world’s biggest technologists have arisen from. And that’s where he called out the institution for believing that the human ability for problem-solving has zero limits. But at the same time, it appears that we might have the potential to produce them.

The profile on GQ also shed light on how Cook was very wary of the current data-industrial ordeal. This happened to be mentioned as a leading number of firms today are profiting from the usage as well as the sales of users’ personal data.

Under Tim Cook’s tenure, the tech giant rolled out a leading number of privacy changes in 2021 that would soon prevent apps belonging to third parties from getting into the data owned by consumers. The only exception to the matter is if and when they ended up providing consent to the subject in question.

And for those that don’t know, Tim Cook isn’t addicted to technology either. He is seen prioritizing his own personal time by speaking it in the likes of nature as compared to being online all of the time.

The interview shed light on how Apple’s head does not tend to log in much at all, which is rare when you’ve got so many other tech founders doing the complete opposite- which is logging on so much that it’s deemed to be a pathology.

Instead, you’ll see Tim Cook cycling and hiking and being surrounded by the serene beauty of nature. And that according to him is the best gift you can give your mind, body, and soul.

Photo: GQ

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