70% Of American Smartphone Buyers Wish To Keep Their Devices For Two Years Or More As Per This Study

Smartphone longevity is a topic that many deem to be debatable. But the latest report covering this aspect for Americans is out and we’re diving straight into the details.

Thanks to a new survey by YouGov, nearly 70% of all American smartphone buyers wish to get at least two years, if not more, from their purchase. Meanwhile, one in six wish to attain at least five years from that same device.

The recently conducted poll by the top data company also found zero links between the phone’s price range and the timeframe before the user would opt to move on.

For instance, buyers on the ultra-premium end that ended up spending nearly $1000 on a device are the ones who are more likely among others to use the device for at least one year. Meanwhile, premium buyers that spend between $750 to $1000 are less liable to change devices over so soon.

On the other hand, the recent survey also shed light on how the budget as well as those falling in the middle range are likely to make use of their devices for nearly five years. Meanwhile, those spending $300 or even less than that were outlined to be budget buyers but those spending anywhere between $500 to $750 on devices arise in the middle-range buyers' category.

25% of those taking part in such polls that made claims of not knowing how much to spend on their next device hope to use the phone for at least a five-year period.

As per this new research, the sweet spot for phones was seen to be between 2 to 3 years. And this specific timeline outlined entailed the biggest share among those having a specific price range or budget which they intend to stick to for the next purchase. This was the same choice for 29% of those in the premium range while 31% arose in the ultra-premium category.

Meanwhile, those respondents who wish to use the device for more than two years claimed that the feature that they’re most looking forward to in their purchase is the phone’s durability. And that would really affect the whole process of making decisions.

40% of respondents called durability their main deciding factor. However, one-fifth of those providing a response claim the latest software updates are imperative while making a decision.

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