YouTube’s e-Commerce Push Strikes New Milestone With More Than 100K Channels Linked To External Stores

YouTube seems to be going strong as far as the company’s e-commerce push is concerned.

The leading video-sharing platform recently struck a new milestone and the news was confirmed through its blog posts that revealed how 100,000 channels were linked to external outlets.

This mega six-digit figure entails channels linked to creators, brands, and even artists. Moreover, popular formats such as clothing hauls and unboxing of products were seen playing crucial roles in terms of both growth as well as e-commerce on the app.

So many creators were spending a lot of their time getting familiar with followers and offerings that their fans adore. Similarly, creators are also picking up the pace in terms of making the most of a shopping experience as mentioned in a recently published blog post.

The growth taking place over here on the app is partially linked to the app’s own efforts in this particular e-commerce domain. Moreover, YouTube has allowed for more in-house merchandise by displaying them across central hubs. They were seen featuring them across various streaming events.

But a lot of creators ended up selling goods on the app that had a personal message or story behind them. In this post, we see how YouTube shared four top creators that managed to convert their channels into a great place for marketing and merchandising.

One example is Cassey Ho who is the owner of Blogilates. This woman has managed to make it big on the app and is now giving the platform credit for allowing its activewear business to reach new heights.

Then we’ve got another success story in the form of Darcy and Jer who chose to work with another YouTube affiliate called Spring. And together, they’ve managed to create more than 100,000 stores and helped creators carry out tasks starting with the design outlook to ways through which it can get distributed.

YouTube is really making it big in terms of allowing more e-commerce tools to arise on the app. Here is where videos are turning into a more shopping-friendly affair. And you’ll even see product tagging taking place routinely for Shorts as this makes way for more links arising among short channels and product shelves that can be shopped with ease.

The app does not even need to do anything because today’s trending culture is already leading toward the likes of social shopping.

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