Top Influencer Marketing Stats For 2023 Unraveled

Today, influencers play a pivotal role in helping a brand achieve success.

It’s no wonder why the world of influencer marketing has become an integral part of so many businesses' marketing endeavors. Similarly, experts feel that if a brand does wish to launch a successful campaign that ends up engaging with the audience and producing notable results, there are some important pointers worth considering.

For starters, you need to understand how an influencer views the world that includes social media marketing. Secondly, you need to comprehend how your business can attain a relationship with such influencers that provides benefits to all.

This all comes in the form of great insights that are unveiled through the thoughts of influencers directly.

Thanks to this new report by Emplifi, we’re getting insightful data that engage into such topics in detail. It is sure to give your business the insight it needs to get the marketing right on track and make the most of marketing campaigns. Only then can a brand expect to go to the next level of success.

For starters, it’s important to understand how influencer marketing is linked to the creator economy. The latter is the term reserved for a growing ecosystem that comprises various creators, different brands, and so many kinds of software and respective platforms.

Creators are the people making the online content while the brands are those scaling the content. Meanwhile, both software and platforms are needed to allow content to be made and discovered online.
But how exactly can these influencers on social media measure their success? The answer has to do with metrics that these individuals use to see how successful a particular campaign has been regarding all the objectives as a whole.

Now, metrics used to determine success are of several different kinds. They include views or impressions, likes, comments, shares, and DMs. And yes, we’ve listed those down in descending order.

Next up, attaining a balance between spamming and the consistency of posting is also quintessential. While experts agree that you can never provide the exact answer as to how much is too much posting, one thing is for sure.

Fresh content always gets preference over all others, in terms of the way that algorithms function. But we must remember that some content ends up remaining in the feeds of users for days and even weeks.

The study showed how the majority or 45% of creators tend to share posts on a weekly basis. On the other hand, 30% share posts on a daily basis. However, 25% tend to share such posts on a monthly basis.

The survey asked people how they ended up finding brands that they’re currently collaborating with. Around 36% said it was through various influencer platforms and networks. Another 34% of such influencers claim that it was indeed the business that contacted them through email.

12% claim to contact brands directly themselves which we found to be quite bold but fruitful in the end. 10% said brands tend to reach out to them through their respective social media profiles while 7% ended up contacting the brand through their social media handles.

So as you can see, DMs and emails are definitely some great ways to reach out the majority are getting contacted through influencer platforms that are surely taking the lead.

Last but not least, it was interesting to see which social media platforms most influencers tend to be the most active on. 90% mentioned Instagram while 66% said TikTok. 34% said Facebook while there was a tie between Pinterest and Twitter where the figure remained at just 4%.

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