TikTok Outlines New Data Policy To Convince EU Lawmakers That It’s Not A Security Threat

TikTok has been making some major headlines recently after speculations hint at a potential ban of the app across the US.

Therefore, the app is doing whatever it can to prevent its ban in places like Europe as it fights to stay in the US. The company is working hard to convince respective lawmakers in this region that it’s not a leading security threat.

The initiative is called Project Clover and the respective guidelines are going to see the app put forward some major security gateways. This would govern employees with great access to various user information across Europe and even some huge data transfers seen outside the continent.

As mentioned in the past, data requests would only be needed to abide by data protection laws in place at the local level.

Moreover, the app says a security company owned by a third party would be responsible for taking a look at TikTok and its new security controls. In the same way, it would be busy conducting audits for the firm’s data practices.

In the same way, the third party would be working hard to look over things like data flows and even go about reporting some major incidents as we speak. The app says it is going to have some more information regarding this soon as plans are currently in place to collaborate with different partners so various technologies can get implemented.

As a whole, this would work to enhance and alter the respective data policies in place.

As per the TikTok app, a new internal team says it is busy working on the Project since 2022. And it really does hope to bring a greater change in this aspect by the year 2023. Meanwhile, the app also mentioned some more plans regarding the opening of new data centers situated in the likes of Ireland and Norway. These would again be operated and overlooked by third parties in the region and would be operable via the likes of renewable energy.

The firm hopes to start storing user data belonging to European users in a local manner by this year’s start. And that would cost the firm a staggering 1.2 billion Euros. But TikTok is not too worried on this front. They know that they’re leading the pack on this front as they wish to earn the trust of its users across the board and this was confirmed by the app’s Vice President today.

The announcement has arisen at a time when the European Commission opted to ban its own staff members from downloading the TikTok app on their work phones. If the firm’s new policy is enough to stop European lawmakers from putting forward additional limits, only time can tell.

But this new announcement dubbed project Texas is definitely a new venture. Moreover, we’re seeing this happen as the US division of ByteDance tries to work with Oracle to gain more trust from Americans so that all US traffic belongings to users in that region pass through this infrastructure. By the looks of it, it’s not doing a great job of convincing people.

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