TikTok Blocks Links To App Stores Found In Creators’ Bios

Leading social media platform TikTok is taking action against links that redirect users to the app store.

The company announced a bold decision recently where it claims to now block all respective links to app stores found in a creator’s bio. And as you can imagine, the impact would be adverse on CPI or cost per install type of programs that arise between both businesses and creators. Moreover, this also extends to the likes of those links found in bios belonging to third parties such as Linktree.

This respective change was first highlighted by the likes of co-founder David Tesler who commented through his Twitter account that he and a few others were busy testing out this feature.

It’s a functionality that would be effective on all of the app’s accounts and now, the links are found to stop working in terms of redirecting them toward the App Store. Whenever a user clicked on the link, they were met with a message. And that comprised of how the action couldn’t be finished.

But there was one expectation that was noted and that was related to accounts having advertising relationships with the likes of the TikTok app.

For now, the app is yet to generate any form of official statement on the matter but the company did reveal how personal creator accounts won’t have the tendency to link different app store pages. But they’ll also be able to send out links to different websites, which was similar to what we saw happening before.

As we move on forward, those business accounts on the platform would be given the chance to send links to the receptive app store pages but the rest would be barred from doing so. And for this particular functionality, there is not going to be any form of fee attached.

So basically, businesses will no longer be required to pay for additional links or be forced to agree about advertisements on platforms if they wish to use such options.

On the other hand, the TikTok app claims that it is now working on rolling out another feature called the Download App. This button is designed solely for business accounts and at the same time, it’s not an advertising product too.

The firm says this sort of amendment is designed to better the clarity observed among firms and different personal accounts. It

But at the same time, it makes use of features that put things into perspective and clears out the concept too.

Clearly, it’s a push of the app to shift more into things that generate more revenue for creators via ad dollars. They’re earning a lot through different campaigns but TikTok seems to be a little greedy in this regard and wants to take the share instead.

Now, firms that were seeking to push the app’s users to their App Store listings would wish to market such accounts through functional links with the help of ads.

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