Google One Vows To Offer VPN Services And Dark Web Monitoring To Subscribers For Free

Google One Subscribers are about to be treated after the app recently promised to enhance privacy and security across the platform.

The company is going to soon roll out some very interesting security features in the form of VPN services and monitoring on the dark web with no additional costs attached.

The respective rollout is expected as early as the next week, Google confirmed.

For starters, subscribers will be getting free VPN services that protect user data through the simple process of encryption of their online browsing sessions. Similarly, it hopes to disguise the IP address and that would protect against anyone trying to eavesdrop including hackers located on dangerous networks.

While being the process of transit, unsecured data may be intercepted by the likes of hackers that compromise some very integral privacy features and the general security system, Google confirmed.

This particular VPN service will end up working across different Android, Mac, Windows, and iOS devices while shared with nearly five different group members belonging to the same family.

Google also mentioned how this new free-of-cost VPN service would never be seen tracking, selling, selling, or making use of users’ online activities, be it IP address or the respective network traffic.

Next up, it hopes to introduce more services that monitor the activity of people on the dark web so users know when or if their personal details are getting compromised or not. Therefore, any free service would scan the dark web for more details linked to personal information belonging to members like name, email, phone number, address, and social security numbers. This would further go on to alert users regarding any more sensitive data that are located.

Therefore, subscribers are going to be given the chance to select the type of data they wish to monitor and when it’s found, the respective guidance on this front would be provided by Google so this data remains secure.

If it’s stolen, the necessary protocols for stolen information would be implied. For instance, any lost or stolen data would be sent out as a report to the government. Moreover, users would be similarly forced to sign up for the likes of a credit monitoring service.

And in the case of other data breaches taking place on the dark web, all users would be kept informed at all times.

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