Snapchat Adds New Element Into Its Family Center So Parents Can Restrict Harmful Content From Kids

Snapchat is giving a closer look at its new features that would be a part of its Family Center.

The company recently spoke about how it would be adding this new insightful approach that allows parents to better restrict all types of harmful content from their own children, providing them with greater control.

This is definitely a smart decision that’s being welcomed with open arms and one that is definitely an added source of transparency as far as the company is concerned.

Snap mentioned recently how it is working hard in this domain to offer great protection to younger audiences that use the platform. It hopes the approach could make people understand better how it ends up ranking uploads and then distributing them further.

For starters, the new update allows the app to make use of a toggle for sensitive content that’s seen in the Family Center’s control panel. It provides a new type of peace of mind so kids aren’t exposed to any type of offensive material on the platform.

This new control in the family center would give parents the chance to filter stores from other kinds of publishers and creators that were identified as either sensitive or suggestive. Moreover, to really allow for Content Controls, it claims parents would need to have a Family Center that’s set up through their teens.

The feature was first launched in August of 2022 and it allows parents to better monitor how children conduct interactions on the app without providing access to real messages. Moreover, it can be seen as infringing children’s privacy as it provides additional assurance as well as insight on the matter.

These types of controls provide parents with more peace regarding how their kids are using the app. Moreover, the bigger update here is that the company is now putting out its entire Content Guidelines in the public eye for the first time.

The goal is to give more insight into content moderation on a specific popular feature of the app including its Stories and Spotlight endeavor.

These kinds of guidelines are usually shared with various media partners and also with the likes of Snap Stars. And by putting out such content guidelines in full for the public to read, the company hopes to provide more transparency on how hard it works to set strict standards regarding eligibility and distribution.

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