Search Engine DuckDuckGo Is Now Hopping On The Generative AI Bandwagon

AI-powered technology has really taken off in the tech world.

We’ve seen tools like ChatGPT from OpenAI really take a major leap and revolutionize the way we do so many things in our everyday life. And after the immense success and popularity of this endeavor, both Google and Microsoft felt they could not be left behind.

Therefore, both these tech giants announced their AI chatbots. And now, a leading privacy-themed search engine called DuckDuckGo is following in their footsteps too, and opting to venture into the world of generative AI.

The launch in beta was made public today thanks to the AI-powered summarization endeavor that people referred to as DuckAssist. It’s designed to answer some very straightforward questions of certain users.

The company mentioned in a blog post how the plan to begin was obviously taken via inspiration from the likes of ChatGPT’s owner, OpenAI. Moreover, the goal here was to draw more on natural language trends and technology so it could use that to power its own summarization capability.

This would be combined with the firm’s own indexing of Wikipedia and other web pages as a means to attain different reference sites via source answers. Recently, the firm’s founder explained to media outlet Tech Crunch how it was busy experimenting with the likelihood of adding more sources and how that would work.

These are some hints he dropped about how the search engine giant was trying to source context for queries put out by the app’s users. For now, it’s just all very new and how this endeavor evolves with time, we’ll just need to wait and watch.

Also, we’re not sure if there will be more collaborations between the leading search engine and other reference sites as nothing has been confirmed as of yet.

At launch, users can make use of the DuckAssist feature that’s only up for grabs through its apps and browser extension. However, the firm does hope to launch it to other search users in the next few weeks.

The feature is free of cost to use and doesn’t require users to get logged in when and if they wish to access it. And as far as languages are concerned, it’s seen in only English.

For now, the AI models that are really being used by DDG for its respective natural language summarization include Claude and Davinci. The former is from Anthropic while the latter is from OpenAI. But it does hope to speak more about another mode called the Turbo model.

For those who may not be aware, the DDG search engine does also entail an interesting Instant Answers feature. You’ll see it getting triggering for a number of different queries while serving as great answers for the usual list of links.

But with the addition of tools pertaining to generative AI summarization, we could soon be seeing it expand how many questions it answers directly through this manner.

Hence now, users may benefit from more directly responsive answers to queries and less number of queries answered in a short timeframe.

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