New Survey Reveals How Consumers Perceive The World Of Generative AI

A new study is sharing with the world what consumers really think about the world of generative AI.

It’s no surprise that in the past three months, the tech world has been revolutionized by some major changes that entail the entire ecosystem. And AI seems to be on so many people’s minds now.

A lot of us got introduced to the world of generative AI and then we saw a tool by OpenAI called ChatGPT to be rolled out toward the end of November and that’s when it set major records with its userbase who simply couldn’t get enough.

There were a few different sites that shed light on how they made use of this revolutionary technology for several months. And soon after that, search engine giants like Google and Microsoft rushed to enter the competitive race with their own tools in this domain.

This made the biggest change to users' experience in a span of nearly 10 years and before we knew it, the world of AI chatbots was being integrated into the world of search. But despite such major developments, there is one main piece of information that we feel might be missing.

And that was the consumer view. We are yet to see data about how much users trust this endeavor and how exactly they feel about it. After all, if consumers are the ones who end up rejecting this sort of technology, it really does not matter how much progress is made in the field.

The new survey related to the concept of consumers adopting AI was carried out in partnership with Appinio. Moreover, the survey included some common answers such as how many individuals actually heard about the tool ChatGPT, whether or not users are trusting this sort of content derived through AI means, and also, what people are using this ChatGPT for.

Additionally, there was news linked to the AI hype being a short-term fad or something that people could really justify. Moreover, were users ready to purchase goods that received recommendations from AI or not? So as you can see, there was plenty of diversity on display.

The goal in general was to assist marketers and builders gain a better understanding of how consumers were viewing the world of generative AI and what things like this would mean for the world of technology and marketing and even SEO.

For this specific research, around 1091 participants were taken in from America and they were between 16 and 65 and arose from both gender groups.

A series of questions were made a part of the survey and each of the participants had to answer them. Most of them were related to the chatbot and how familiar they were while using it and also for what purposes they used it.

Interestingly, around 230 million people have heard about ChatGPT as per the latest data and while a lot of them are still trying to explore its use, those that are using it currently are happy. And a third of those surveyed claimed they used generative AI in the past too so they knew about it.

Remember, AI goes way beyond the realms of ChatGPT. But are people actually using this?

Around 27% of those surveyed said they used ChatGPT before and it was for the likes of creative writing, data analysis, and problem-solving. So as you can see, the users are very diverse or shall we say multi-purpose.

As far as thoughts linked to generative AI being reliable and worth gaining users’ trust, we have a new perspective here. People said the world of AI is not perfect but 71% felt the responses generated were credible.

H/T: Kevin Indig
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