Microsoft’s New Bing Search Gains New Users While Google Witnesses Decline

Computational giant Microsoft really had its hopes up for the new AI-powered Bing search and it’s safe to say that it did not fail at delivering promising results.

The success with which it has been launched is being talked about as users continue to enjoy the great endeavors related to the world of generative AI. It was a gamble and it certainly succeeded.

Today, Microsoft is raving about how there’s a mighty boost in the number of users. But fellow arch-rival Google is reporting a decline. And while the latter is slight, it’s definitely worth a mention here.

The news comes to us thanks to Reuters which mentioned how the software giant saw a boost of nearly 16% in terms of page visits for Bing, ever since the revolutionary tool was made public to the masses.

It was making use of the GPT-4 powered technology from OpenAI and that is what made it superior to the usual ChatGPT. And the response from so many users was also great.

We’re seeing it garner so much positivity and attention and the fact that Microsoft spoke about it crossing its 100 million active userbases was definitely a milestone worth celebrating.
Now the nearly 16% increase in page visits that we are seeing now was recorded on February 7 after the company opted to launch the chatbot publicly. And that was the first time that we witnessed the software giant make a big change in terms of its goals to take some users away from Google’s dominance in today’s search market.

Google’s figures are down and the dip of 1% seen during this period is definitely worth a mention. And we know what you’re thinking. That figure is so low but it’s definitely considerable as we’re talking about people here.

As one expert notably mentioned that this hit to Google would be awfully beneficial to Microsoft. And it’s not only page visits but new reports that spoke about how there are dips in downloads of both Bing and Google applications seen across mobile devices too.

When we look at this month and the one before, there are nearly eight times as many downloads on Bing as compared to Google.

So as you can tell, Google is a little behind when it comes down to the AI curve.

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