Microsoft Plans Major Changes For Its New Bing Including More Chat Turn Sessions And Replacing Featured Answers With Chat Answers

After the roaring success of the new Bing Search by Microsoft, we’re hearing some more exciting changes coming to the software soon.

For starters, the company is all set to expand the limit set on its AI chatbot. This has to do with increasing the chat turn session from 120 to 150.

The news was revealed by the company’s Corporate VP who put up the news through his account on Twitter today. He added how the number of turns limit was also changed from 10 to 15. The goal was to make a change and ensure a balance as that’s the sort of feedback it was getting from those that already made use of the feature.

The software giant says it is working very hard and round the clock to attend to a great many demands that were brought forward by its users. This is just the start of many more new features, he mentioned.

Right now, it’s also working on the most popular requests of them all and that includes giving users the ability to save chats. But wait, that’s not all.

The company’s CEO for Bing also mentioned through a Twitter comment today that Bing might soon replace the top-ranked, featured, and even knowledge-based responses that are used today on the took with those arising from Bing Chat.

The fact that they make use of old technology and are being crowdsourced is an issue that some are frequently encountering. Hence, the goal is to allow for a replacement as soon as possible.

Mikhail Parakhin elaborated further on how the answer seen at the top of Bing Search makes use of old types of technology. Moreover, they are crowdsourced and for that reason, the goal is to replace them on an urgent basis.

This might also go on to a change in the user interface as it might be replaced with something that is newer in design. And as you can imagine, such major changes would definitely be received with feedback from users.

Many people did appreciate the efforts of Microsoft toward working hard and introducing more changes to the software that would benefit users. Remember, these are great ways to improve both Bing Search and its related Chat integration.

The whole ordeal is a little tricky because bugs continue to be involved, Mikhail added.

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