Microsoft Fires An Entire Team Dedicated To AI Innovation

Software giant Microsoft raised plenty of eyebrows recently when it opted to lay off an entire team that was dedicated to AI innovation.

The team was responsible for the likes of ensuring responsible and ethical outcomes with great sustainability. Unfortunately, that did not take place. And removing the whole team appears to be a part of cutting out costs.

The news was confirmed by media outlet Platformer which says this happens to be a part of its recent layoff spree that goes on to affect more than 10,000 workers in the company.

But the timing is awfully unique, considering how Microsoft is currently in the middle of investing so many billions for an AI-themed collaboration with the makers of ChatGPT, OpenAI. At the same time, the firm seems to be on a mission to revamp its new AI-powered Bing Search Engine as well as its Edge browser.

The goal is to empower them in a manner that makes them even more powerful than the capabilities seen with ChatGPT today which is solely restricted to the purpose of a search.

This decision is calling the company’s commitment into question in terms of making sure all the AI principles are met as it’s a crucial time for the firm. The goal is to make so many AI tools available in the mainstream as the current trend taking place at this moment in time.

Today, Microsoft continues to maintain its ORA that lays out rules for AI via governance of all policy-related work that’s linked to the public. Speaking to the Platformer recently, Microsoft’s employees claim that the team fired was actually designated with the task of making sure all AI principles were met in the long list of product designs that the firm ships.

Moreover, the team was designated with the task of identifying all risks attached by Microsoft and its integration team for all the associated OpenAI technology-based endeavors.

So as you can imagine, while the team was not too large, it certainly did have a vital role. There are also some reports of how a lot of pressure was mounting from the company’s heads to attain the latest OpenAI models and hand them over to consumers as soon as possible.

It was only last year that we witnessed a reorganization take place among the ethics and society team as it got transferred to other teams.

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