Microsoft May Allows Users To Save Chats On Its New AI-Powered Bing Search Engine

After the launch of the new Bing Chat by Microsoft, we’ve seen the company working hard to answer countless queries and requests about the tool.

A lot of people want a lot of different things and while it’s getting impossible to cater to everyone’s liking, Microsoft says it’s really working hard to keep user feedback as its top priority.

Each day, the new Bing Chat is getting so much more polished but there are so many more things that people want and the list keeps getting bigger. Keeping that aside, it appears that search engine giant Microsoft is trying hard to put at least one of these requested additions in the pipeline.

As mentioned by the software giant’s head of advertising and web services, they’re trying to allow users to save chats! Yes, it’s been the most requested feature from users since the day of the launch and it’s finally happening now.

It’s in the pipeline which means we’re going to see it soon and we’re sure users will adore the sound of that!

Meanwhile, another user requested Microsoft to think about making some changes to its language support. And by the looks of it, it seems that it has already enhanced some of the less popular languages with Hungarian being a part of those.

With time, Microsoft says that it hopes to make more changes on this front and keep on bettering all the languages that make use of the feature.

Moreover, the company did reveal at the start of this week how its Bing Search Service is doing great, reaching a new milestone. This was attaining the target of 100 million users on a daily basis for the first time. And it had to do with so many users generating interest in the Bing Chat endeavor.

It’s definitely not where we see the figure serving as any form of competition for the likes of Google Search but one thing is for sure, it’s definitely something to be proud of.

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