Messaging Is Coming Back To The Facebook App

Facebook messaging is coming back with a bang, as confirmed by the company’s chief today.

Keeping in mind the growing usage trend arising as we speak, Facebook really does feel the time has come to implement its great benefits on the app.

The chief of the firm, Tom Alison stated more about where he perceives the company is right now. And for the majority, it can be read very similar to the likes of a pitch that hints at joining the bandwagon linked to AI technology.

He failed to detail any new types of plans in this regard about Facebook’s AI initiatives but he did go into detail about how the revolutionizing technology is being embedded in the platform in different ways.

Common examples included the likes of AI for Reels recommendations to the app’s users and also recommendations of various public groups and content related to them. Meanwhile, it also hopes to make use of AI to put emerging creators in the spotlight. And that would surely be of great interest to them.

We all are well aware of how Meta makes use of machine learning as well as systemic recommendations to put certain types of content in focus. Hence, it’s not a huge revelation or update in that manner. But keeping that aside, it does appear that Facebook may be keener on getting into the AI fad by claiming it uses AI to the best of its ability so the app’s users may benefit.

The app’s chief similarly mentioned how nearly 140 million texts are sent through such apps on a daily basis. And then on the likes of Instagram, so many people are already resharing things like Reels that arise in the one billion figure. Most of them are shared privately and now, they’re trying to promote more sharing of reels across Messenger too while using the Facebook app. But for now, it’s all in a testing phase which they hope to expand in the future soon.

The news is appalling to some because it’s been seven years since Meta was seen forcing its own user base to install a new app called Messenger as they wished to separate it from the likes of Facebook. They wanted the users to maintain chats through this aspect and now, the firm is working hard to re-incorporate messaging into this main platform.

The news comes at a time when we’re seeing a lot of the world shift more toward private messaging and far away from the likes of posting in the public eye. Both heads of Facebook and Instagram have noticed and spoken about this change.

Adam Mosseri who is Instagram’s head stated how a lot of friends tend to share more aspects of their lives and thoughts through stories and DMs than publicly through the Instagram feed.

Another interesting statistic observed is how more people are spending time on Meta’s apps but similarly, the level of engagement with content is at a downfall.

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