LinkedIn Launches New Native Post-Scheduling Feature As Company Pages Allowed To Follow Others On The App

LinkedIn is launching a new post-scheduling feature as the app also gives company pages the chance to follow others on the app.

These new changes are the platform's newest feature update and we’re outlining what more can users expect below.

For starters, the app is working hard on post-scheduling. So that means new posts being composed on the internet will allow users to select both the right date and the time needed with which wishes to make the update go live.

As per the update from LinkedIn, the company says it knows how much time and effort with resources it takes to publish content to reach wider audiences. The goal is to assist with managing and sharing content at specific times on your Page posts when it goes live, which is all done on the app.

For a while now, marketers were able to schedule posts on the app through third parties and other social media apps for management for the past few years. But now, native scheduling tools will assist you and are deemed to be better as they’re more aligned with systems on the app. Moreover, it just makes it so much easier to tag different pages and see how posts will appear on the platform.

Meanwhile, the new post-scheduling feature will allow users to map various posts in advance and some might be as many as three months. You might also be able to witness scheduled posts through the firm’s page tools.

This looks like a handy feature but we see this as only being up for grabs on the app’s web version during this stage.

But another exciting feature getting rolled out includes options to share automated posts when open job listings are included. This is done to increase exposure as well as audience reach.

On the other hand, the app is including audio events for different Company Pages which paves the way to better engage with audiences on the app. And while it appears to be behind in terms of today’s time, you need to understand how the app is never in a rush.

It likes to do things on its own and not compete with others. Things like live audio events seem like it’s a thing of the past but in reality, the platform loves doing things on its own and if that means adding an audio push now then so be it.

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