LinkedIn Introduces More Changes Including AI-Generated Profile Summaries, Job Listings, And High Contrast Photos

LinkedIn is adding a host of new changes to its platform including AI elements as its parent firm Microsoft seeks to integrate GPT-backed tools in all of its apps.

The platform is going to make user profiles more exciting through AI-based job descriptions and new educational-themed opportunities that will arise through LinkedIn Learning.

For starters, the app is incorporating some of its GPT-backed tools into producing writing suggestions that are customized through AI and made specifically for your profile on the app.

As can be witnessed through a recent example on the app, the feature would be a part of the premium offering and would generate headlines for the ‘About’ segment that determines your presence on the app.

For this, you simply need to press the Start button and click on whatever you wish to create. After that, you’ll see the system coming up with the best profile summary depending on your information and through the likes of so many samples belonging to different user entries.

Meanwhile, such systems will end up using the GPT model to produce new summaries that make it simpler to put together a great representation of the user’s skill and professional experience.

So that means gone are the days' people spent hours trying to make their profile shine among all others. Today, AI tools are doing the job for free, quickly, and efficiently.

But there is a huge drawback of how templates might force things to appear so similar to one another. The goal is always to stand out on the app but with such a feature, you might be following a pack of sheep. That’s the biggest disadvantage linked to copying from ready-made content out there.

Still, the trend of AI is running at an all-time high and there’s a lot of excitement surrounding the latest variant of the GPT tool.

So when you do come to think of it, you might as well be so much better off in terms of writing your own summaries but if you really do struggle at this end of the spectrum, this feature is sure to be useful.

But that’s not all, the platform is also busy testing a new job description tool that’s powered by AI. it is designed to make things work at a faster pace so users can write job descriptions.

For this, all you need to do is provide some basic details including your firm’s name and your job title there. After that, the LinkedIn tool would do the rest including generating some suggestions for job descriptions so users can review and edit them.

Last but not least, the app is working hard in terms of providing some great options for users’ profile images, as spotted by Ahmed Ghanem. This includes providing an option for high contrast so your pictures can stand out more.

Remember, first impressions mean the most and they do impact the way a potential employer sees you. So as explained by social media expert Matt Navarra, this is going to be great for users of the app.

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