Instagram Allows Users To Make Dedicated Collections With Friends And Enables Sharing Of Stories In Highlights

Instagram is introducing some exciting new changes for its users and here’s what you can expect from the leading social media app soon.

The company says it's rolling out a new endeavor where users can allow dedicated ‘Collections’ while collaborating with those they consider as friends on the app.

This Collections feature is not entirely new. We saw it get launched at the start of 2017 and it’s a great way to highlight posts on the platform. Moreover, it’s also ideal when you want to store content that you adore in a more organized and neat manner.

A post was sent out by the company on Twitter where they shed light on how users can make use of collaborative collections to link with one another over a series of common interests.

The collection gets saved in the group chats and you can now communicate one on one through DMs. In this manner, users get the chance to store an array of posts and share those with each other. With time, users get the option to include more posts and similarly, they can remove any posts that they don’t like from the collection when they want to.

The app hopes to make this feature a more customizable ordeal by allowing users to add labels to the collection along the way too. Instagram says every time a user shares such collections with another, recipients get the chance to include more posts for that collection. This can be taken from their respective feed, DMs, Reels, or the Explore tab.

Head of Instagram, Adam Mosseri went public with the news recently and shared more updates on this endeavor through his Updates Channel. For now, the feature is not getting expanding to all at this moment in time. But as revealed by TechCrunch recently, it should be out in no time.

Mosseri elaborated further on the endeavor by claiming the feature is availed by new options that give rise to collaborative collections arising when you save items from your newsfeed or from a DM. Once it’s shared with your respective friend, you can begin to include Reels content or others seen across Instagram’s features to that collection.

Last month, Instagram went public with its Channels project that gives creators greater chances to showcase content to bigger audiences with ease. Those gaining access to capabilities can share different kinds of content like videos, polls, and others with followers.

If you don’t want to, creators can also restrict the audience so only subscribers witness the content, provided they have an Instagram subscription. For now, the service is getting rolled out on mobile phones.

In other pieces of news, Instagram says it’s making way for added convenience for users by enabling Story Shares on Highlights directly.

This means when shared, the story enters the account holder’s Highlights section and will only be visible over there.

This development was spotted by social media expert Alessandro Paluzzi, and his discovery means the platform is working on making the feature live soon.

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