In 2023, it will be more difficult for marketers to balance data usage and privacy

As data gathering and privacy become more complex in 2023, brands need help finding the right balance.

According to Gartner Inc., this year will present even greater data collection and privacy challenges, two of the most crucial topics in the marketing sector today. According to a Gartner report, 60% of marketers anticipate that obtaining first-party data in 2023 will be more challenging due to balancing value and privacy.

The fact that 85% of organizations have already implemented formal procedures for managing client data raises concerns for many. Around a third have dropped an agency or channel partner over the past year to assure reliability and privacy. Despite these safeguards, only 42% of businesses can send personalized communications to their clients.

However, those who prioritize first-party data are seeing great returns. Over 50% said they exceeded their customer retention expectations. The year 2023 will mark the turning point for businesses as they focus on gathering and analyzing first-party data while protecting customer privacy. Businesses should devise plans to guarantee that they can deliver personalized experiences using correct data without jeopardizing the security and confidence of their clients.

78% of brands allow customers to manage their information to assist them in maintaining customer data management. Businesses can ensure a safe user experience while delivering tailored offers and experiences that increase loyalty by letting customers control how their data is used.

Gathering meaningful customer data while protecting consumer privacy is becoming increasingly complex, but it's essential for success in today's digital world. Companies must take steps now to balance both aspects effectively to remain competitive in 2023 and beyond.

Marketers have noticed major changes in their data sources over the past year due to the decline of third-party cookies. To make up for this loss of external data, nearly half of firms with 11 or more marketing channels actively increased their gathering and use of first-party data, a startling increase from just over one quarter among those using ten or fewer channels.

Gartner's further study finds that 36% of companies are already succeeding with new experiences and service channels, while another 24% find more potential for consumer interaction by deploying AI techniques. These findings, drawn from the research of 400 senior marketing professionals performed between November 2022 and December 2021, demonstrate that companies that can effectively navigate these seismic upheavals will have a competitive advantage in future years.

Businesses must now transition to the digital age; they no longer have a choice. Companies are leveraging technological advancements to offer more personalized customer experiences and more intuitive and efficient services. AI-driven solutions are becoming increasingly popular, as they can automate mundane tasks and provide effective customer interactions that build trust.

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