California’s Education Board Sues Meta For Gross Negligence And Getting Kids Addicted To Social Media

San Mateo County’s Education Board in California is holding tech giants like Meta responsible for making young kids addicted to social media.

The company was accused of gross negligence in terms of its Facebook and Instagram apps as the lawsuit alleged they did nothing to try and curb the problem that keeps on growing each day.

The board also alleged that tech firms other than Meta including Snap, Google, and TikTok were equally responsible for damaging young kids' minds with so much exposure through social media and keeping no checks and balances on the matter.

This lawsuit was filed a few months back and had a very lengthy description as the board feels Meta’s apps served as nuisances to the general public and they continue to engage in ordeals like racketeering simply because they’re dominant and can do so.

This board went on to mention how there are so many more resources that must be allocated to children by the board to try and reverse the damage that has already been done. And that’s because the effects of too much screen time are beyond negative and linked to mental issues.

So since more resources are being allocated for this purpose and to reverse the matter, sources explained how they’re now forced to make the most of smaller budgets for other crucial goals like teaching and learning.

This lawsuit points to the growing rates of youngsters embarking on self-harm as well and also emphasized how such cases were rarely seen before the advancement of social media in today’s day and age.

The end goal today seems to make younger audiences engaged on how to stay glued to platforms for a long time. And that’s because it gives businesses a greater chance to target them for advertising purposes.

So many firms have learned that things like this are better accomplished through catering toxic content that gets viral easily and they’re allowed to do that because they simply can get away without anyone holding them accountable for the deed.

As of right now, Meta has failed to comment on the matter but in a lawsuit filed in the past, they did reveal how more than 30 tools were up for grabs that enable parents to have more control over their children’s accounts.

They also advocated how necessary it was for parental supervision to take place while kids make use of social media apps in today’s time.

Photo: Bloomberg

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