As per the "Trust in Artificial Intelligence" study, 42% individuals fear AI will replace jobs in their area of work

Artificial intelligence (AI) has proven helpful to the world in many ways, including the assistants and robots that have taken on many of the tasks associated with daily life and replaced humans in surgical procedures and other professions. Several AI models and tools that are immediately in front of our eyes are ensuring that the world will be a better place, so it's not just the robots that have a beneficial influence on humans, there are models including ChatGPT and Dall-E that have revolutionized the tech industry.

For those who may not be aware, ChatGPT is a chatbot that was introduced in November of 2022. It was created to help users with a variety of tasks. Another significant tech company, "Dell-E," is utilized to produce lifelike images only from a description. They were both created by a business named "OpenAI."

Yet, we are fully aware that it is always bad along with good, therefore to learn more about how people see artificial intelligence, a study titled "Trust in Artificial Intelligence" was conducted during September and October 2022. The University of Queensland and KGPM Australia conducted the study and provided the data on which it was based. A total of 17,193 respondents from seventeen different nations participated in the survey.

There were three separate sections in the survey's poll: "agree," "disagree," and "neutral." Despite everything that has been said about how AI has helped humanity, some individuals still believe that the world would be a far better place without it. 42% of respondents, or two out of every five, agreed with this statement.

What may be the cause of it, then? Several individuals are concerned about their occupations and careers being replaced by AI robots that resemble humans as a result of the study. While 39% of individuals polled denied that AI can take over their future, it's likely that they still believe that some jobs couldn't be replaced by it or that they aren't aware of how rapidly AI's value is increasing. The poll also found that 19% of respondents had a neutral opinion on the matter.

Nonetheless, each person sees the world from a unique perspective. According to the poll, 67% of respondents remain hopeful and upbeat about the future of AI. Even if they are aware of all the negative effects and how they will affect us, some people (57%) are still relaxed about it.

Furthermore, 47% of people report feeling extremely nervous because they fear AI would progressively destroy the human world and that there are very significant risks associated with using AI in daily life, which is not surprising. Also, 24% of them express an angry sentiment against AI and its applications.

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