10 Web Design Trends to Follow in 2023 to Create a Sales-Friendly Website

A well-designed website helps businesses grow and make their products and services stand out. Most business website owners consider that the design of their websites is essential to their organization's overall branding. The graphic design trends guide from Freepik will help businesses design their websites in a way that will engage their customers and build their brand.

The website you have created is the front page of your company, so it must be updated regularly and presented with the latest web design trends.

When designing a website, every web developer invests their whole heart and mind into the project. For the best results from this effort, it is essential to look up and integrate the latest web or graphic design inspo to make your site look fresh.

We've done some digging into this and we've put together an updated list of web design trends 2023 to be considered when selecting the design and style of your site's page.

1. AI-Generated Images

AI-generated images are search engine friendly and help Google rank your posts and products. Dall-e-2 is a popular AI Image Generator tool. It makes it easier for people without any design experience, to create compelling graphics.

2. Animated Icons

Animated icons have been useful for small-scale interactions to keep visitors entertained. However, in 2023, web designers are planning to go even further by incorporating hover animations and transforming regular elements on a website into breathtaking animated icons.

Animated icons allow speedy browsing, and you can quickly convey your message. This graphic design inspiration provides a minimalist user interface and ensures the site is free of low-quality images.

3. Groovy Fonts and Lettering

Keep an eye out for custom and Groovy fonts to be the next wave by 2023 because text-based web designs have become increasingly popular in recent years. Personalized elements like custom fonts can create a more engaging experience for users. Text in the groovy font can be an essential graphic element this year.

4. Color Palette Graphic Design Inspo

Color is an important element of creativity. This year, color pallets like Viva Magenta the Pantone color of the year or neon colors will make your work come alive. Discover the colors that are in the web design trends of 2023.

Viva Magenta

Viva Magenta is a vibrant color that, if used carelessly, could overwhelm a design. However, it also has the ability to add a splash of color, make a strong statement, or work in harmony with other design components.

Neon Vibes

The neon hues open to a universe that is completely different from the everyday elements of our lives. These vibrant and intense colors, like the old pink, purple, blue, and orange, transport us into a dream world. They're the perfect combination to let viewers experience a fantasy.

5. Vectors - Retro and Nostalgia

Retro and nostalgic design not only conveys a sense of familiarity but also builds a strong bond with the viewer. The cause is straightforward but effective: it stirs up memories.

Designers take full advantage of this effect not only with regard to target audiences who have lived through the original retro designs. There is nothing newer than an old-fashioned design, so retro design appeals to young people as well.

6. Abstract 3D Centerpieces

Latest visual trends include abstract 3D centerpieces within the prominent space that will impress audiences by displaying the charisma and personality of a business in a different manner and create a memorable first impression.

This change has a very straightforward explanation. The JavaScript API, which renders interactive 3D and 2D graphics, is becoming more reliable and adaptable, as well as being compatible with all devices and browsers. This suggests that more web designers will experiment with this method in order to hone their skills and produce something exceptional and beautiful.

7. Thumb-Friendly Web Design Trends

Most of the world's website traffic is generated by mobile devices. Recent advances in technology for mobile devices have prompted everyone to develop mobile-friendly websites. But being mobile-friendly isn't enough.

Look closely at the way you hold or utilize your mobile. Our fingers are wrapped around the phone, and they are performing each task. In these instances, the site must be thumb-friendly. Menus, icons, or buttons displayed on your site are made simple for users to reach their thumbs.

8. AR

Implementing new technology to improve user experience is the goal of every web developer or designer. Augmented Reality (AR) can be one of them. AR is a tech that connects digital content or images with the physical world. For example, stickers or filters can be found on Snapchat as well as Google Arts & Culture. They are subparts of the web design trends.
eCommerce websites have many benefits thanks to AR technology. It provides shoppers with a real-world experience of shopping and helps users to make better choices. This is one of the must-follow web design trends in 2023.

9. Web Design Illustration

Pages on the web that supplement photographs with illustrations are gaining popularity as a graphic design inspiration. One of the primary reasons is that illustrations generally are smaller in size and load more quickly than photographs.

In the wake of Google's ongoing effort to speed up loading times via their Core Web Vitals page experience measures, more web developers and designers are searching for how to improve the loading speed of web pages.

10. Scrolling Effects

The more visitors scroll through your site, the more they will explore your site, which increases the likelihood of them taking further action. There are many ways you can provide your users with a memorable experience while scrolling around the pages.

Parallax Scrolling

Parallax scrolling is an inspiration from 2D classic video games, where two layers scroll at different speeds, adding an extra dimension to the web page and encouraging users to scroll to satisfy their curiosity.

Horizontal Scrolling

Horizontal scrolling upwards and downwards is standard; however, horizontal scrolling can be distinctive. This can add an additional dimension to your site. It is true that a website developer must indicate that the user must scroll horizontally. This can be difficult, but you can include it in the video, image gallery, or other content to organize it better. Scroll-triggered animations: It's an amalgamation of graphic as well as web-based design.


Web design is a constantly evolving art that is influenced by the changing visitors' preferences. We don't know when something trendy now will be among the web design trends the next day, and in the near future, some new technology could emerge and revolutionize web design trends. Therefore, it's essential to keep up to date with web design trends and remain competitive in the market.

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