1 in 9 Americans 64 or older still don’t have their lives figured out yet

It is believed that older people are wiser and have their lives figured out; however, new research has revealed that 1 in 9 Americans who are sixty-four or older, are still trying to figure out their lives. The research was based on the responses collected from two thousand senior American citizens.

The results showed that 54 percent of the survey participants experienced constant pressure to take wise steps. Whereas seventeen percent of them said that the ability to make decisions gets more challenging as they grow older. Meanwhile, 1 in 7 of the participants admitted that they prefer to prioritize their wants over their needs. By doing this, they can get help from outside.

While 26 percent of them said that consulting others before taking a big step is risky and not an easy thing to do, 67 percent of the participants agreed on taking advice from others before making the final decision.

The survey was carried out by OnePoll at the request of ClearMatch Medicare. Based on the responses received from the poll, it was observed that initially, the participants used to feel positive while taking any step related to finances. Shortly followed by steps related to investment. However, due to certain conditions, it was observed that the participants had started to contact others for a second opinion.

When it comes to sharing, almost forty-four percent of the respondents chose their spouses, as thirty-one percent of them believed they don’t judge and thirty-two percent of them believe they help them with personal decisions. Thirty-seven percent of them took help from their children as well.

When it comes to the struggles they face, twenty percent of them have difficulties choosing workout plans, and similarly, twenty percent find it difficult to have the perfect healthcare plan. Nineteen percent of the participants added finding the right doctor to their list of struggles.

Ben Pajak, the Chief Executive Officer of the Healthcare Website, said that keeping others updated with the healthcare plan is important, and while it is not easy to form a plan, there are ways to help them make the right decisions.
When it comes to facing the mistakes they made in their decisions, twenty-three percent of them prefer staying calm about it, twenty-eight percent prefer understanding what went wrong, and another twenty-eight percent identify what other options they could have taken to prevent it.

Jennifer Girdler, VP of sales of the healthcare website, highlighted the need for perfect decisions for senior citizens. According to Jennifer, fifty-five percent of them would try other healthcare plans that are best suited for them, as they are always searching for the perfect match in every aspect of life.

Age and wisdom? 1 in 9 seniors say they still don't have life figured out

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